Evil Horde Records is for sure the first Brazilian label dedicated exclusively to Extreme Metal Music, specially Black Metal. Actually it was one of the few Brazilian labels to support Black Metal back in the 90's.

The label was created in 1995 by Agathodemon, already known at the Black metal scene for playing at the Brazilian Black Metal band Murder Rape. The idea came from the necessity he felt of having a Brazilian label able to give the local Black Metal hordes teh same support the European bands already had at that time. So Evil Horde Records was created with the main objective of supporting the Brazilian Extreme Metal bands.

The first release came out in 1996 and was the second album of Murder Rape "...And Evil Returns". From that time to now we had many other releases, and we extended our support to foreign bands as well. Azaghal was the first foreign band to sign on Evil Horde Records and had two albuns released under our label. Now that Evil Horde Records has conquered the support of the worldwide Extreme Metal scene, we are pround to carry at our cast other great foreign bands such as Subliritum (Norway), Averse Sefira (USA), Unholy Land (Italy) and other great Brazilian bands such as Endless War and Great Vast Forest. You can check all ou releases at the "releases" section at the link above.

In 2000 we did manage to consummate an old idea of bringing more information and strengthen the Brazilian Extreme Metal scene by publishing "A Obscura Arte" magazine. Once more Evil Horde Records step forward its time and creates a serious satanic professional publication which has got an excelent response and support from the Brazilian scene.

After much relutance and several proposals we decided to open our doors to the license deals. We created then a sublabel called Black Metal Attack Records which would be dedicated exclusively to the release of licensed Extreme metal releases in Brazil and South America.


Through this label we already released at the Brazilian market bands like DARKTHRONE, MARDUK, LIMBONIC ART, BORKNAGAR, CARPATHIAN FOREST, OLD MAN'S CHILD, GORGOROTH, MAYHEM, NECROPHAGIA, ENTHRONED, and others.

As in all the other works of Evil Horde Rec we invested our time and money in the quality of our releases and as a response for that hard work we are proud of having as partner today labels such as Moonfog Productions, Century Media Records, Napalm Records, Season of Mist, Nocturnal Art Productions, Peaceville Records, Candlelight Records, and others, and we can proudly say that today Evil Horde Records is a reference when you talk about Extreme Metal in South America.

Besides Evil Horde Rec and Black Metal Attack Records releases, we do also distribute worldwide other Extreme Metal releases from Brazilian and foreign labels, supplying stores, distributors and direct customers through an efficient structure at our online store. One can check many news and information about the most extreme releases worldwide atour Online Store. There are more than 1500 tittles between CDs, LPs, DVDs, T-Shirts and magazines, all organized in an easy and informative way. Shopping at our online store is still the easiest, fastest and safer way to buy your extreme metal material.

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